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The world we live in is scary....especially for women and young girls. Sound of Freedom brought so much light to what is really going on around us. Most people really don't realize how bad sex trafficking actually has become; but we see it daily in the SAR and HRD K9 world. It has become a problem so great that it has reached a multi billion dollar trade!! I started raising German Shepherds as protectors for myself and our family. Our pups have gone on and protected many families as well as many working homes for police, military, SAR, Detection work and sport. We raise working line German Shepherds that have great minds and physical abilities. I want to give 4B German Shepherds has a new campaign. If you are a woman or girl that is scared or feels like a protection dog is what you need OR if you know someone that has been a victim. Please send us a short application as to why you should receive a dog, tells us about yourself, are you able to care for a dog, etc. It can be a video or typed...whichever works for us. We are going to give "puppy scholarships" this year!! We want to provide what we feel is one of the best security systems you can have to a few recipients. Go like 4B German Shepherds and send your email to

How to apply...

Please send your application video or essay to

If you are drawing a blank on what to put on your application, feel free to start with our generalized application above. 

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