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4B Kennels is a breeder of top quality German Shepherd puppies, protection and deterrent dogs.  It is a true passion of ours to raise some of the best minded and healthy GSD in the US.  We hand selected from some of Europes top working dogs to build the foundation of our program.  Our foundation studs are all titled working dogs as well as German Police Dogs; but we went a step further.  We believe in the dams importance just as much as the stud, so we also hand selected our foundation dams from top titled IPO 3 females.  The combination of these genetics make for some of the most incredible minded pups we have ever seen.  They are smart, athletic, loyal and willing.  Truly the best of the best!

Amy - Bio pic.JPG

Amy Barrett
Owner, Trainer

Why do we do what we do? 

Following an attempted abduction of some barrel racing friends, we saw a real need for quality protection dogs.  Women are vulnerable out on the road and we felt that the only way to really protect ourselves was with another set of eyes and ears; but why not one that had big teeth too!!  So we started looking for a GSD to travel with us, but sadly what we found was quite discouraging.  We had owned GSD several times in the past, but just as pets; and sadly most of them were American bred dogs that had no longevity.  Not the kind of the dog we were looking for now.  We wanted a dog that would be stable, yet intense.  We wanted a true partner and best friend to go with us wherever we went…as our friend and protector.  Dogs we found were just not the quality we were looking for.  They seemed fractious and not very durable; so the research began for a true GSD.  This led us to Germany where we found the quality we were looking for.  So we bought our first dog and brought her to the US.  She was an IPO3 female with an amazing mind.  She was great with people and kids, very well rounded.  She was perfect and was the start of 4B Kennels.  We raise DDR and Czech lines of the working GSD.  These old lines bring in genetics that are unsurpassable.  They are just flat impressive.  We saw a real need for top quality GSD here in the US and wanted to make them available to anyone who felt the need for one. 

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