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We are based in Benton, which is a small town in Western Kentucky.  Our kennel is set on 10 rolling acres with easy access to Kentucky and Barkley Lakes as well as Land Between the Lakes recreational area.  We utilize these areas for drills as well as socialization for our pups.  Our pups are raised around livestock, kids, and handled daily.  We expose them to everything we can possibly think of as we want them to be stable and confident in any situation.  We raise our pups to be loving and social; but also to be the best security system money can buy!  If the power goes out our dogs don’t 😊


Our puppies are raised in large 5 x 15 indoor whelping rooms with access to 5 x 10 outside concrete runs.  This allows mom a break from the babies and a little fresh air if weather permits.  When the pups are weaned, they move into our weaning areas, where we start the introduction of house breaking.  We have large Pro-Kennels puppy pens for these little ones to have some time in the grass and play.  Lots of stimulates and toys are here to promote thinking and confidence. 

Our adult dogs have Pro-Kennels 5 x 15 European covered runs with large industrial fans.  Our Kentucky weather is ever changing so we try to prepare for every weather scenario.  When the temps reach levels too hot for our dogs, they are then moved indoor to air conditioned runs.  We have an acre which is fenced for private exercise time.  Each dog is given time to play and roll around in the grass and just explore.  We also have a large agility course which we utilize when we work our dogs.  This is done randomly between obedience and bite work sessions.  We try to offer many different aspects so our dogs are never bored. 

Inside our kennel we also have a laundry room, clinic area, feed room, kitchen, grooming and bathing room, office, and neonatal area for puppies that need some extra attention right after birth.  We strive to cover every need our dogs may have.  In order to offer you only the best GSD, we have to give them the very best!  All of our breeding dogs have been health tested clear, have a DNA profile through AKC, and have Hips/Elbows of A rating or Good/Excellent.  We feel so confident in our program that we offer a 2 year health guarantee on our puppies.

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